Saturday, April 12, 2014

                                                               For Immediate Press Release

 Jesha Miller
 133 Washington Ave. Apt.A
 Evansville In. 47713

 Indiana Senator Vaneta Becker Submits Resolution to the Indiana General Assemble for Jesha Miller

      Jesha Miller petitioned Indiana Senator Vaneta Becker to take his petition for the Constitutions Checks & Balances to the floor of the Senate due to corruption in the entire Judicial Branch of government, which is an unprecedented event in that it includes the U.S. Supreme Court. The motive was to deny 10 million for the illegal imprisonment & cover-up the Federal Crime by Vanderburgh County Judge David Kiely pursuant to Title 18 section 243, which is the exclusion of jurors on account of race. By violating Jesha Miller's rights under color of law { which means done by an official } he was denied the 14th Amendments due process & the unalienable right " all men are created equal " which is protected under the 6th Amendment of the Bill of rights which is the right to a fast & speedy, fair trial, & an attorney. What Judge David Kiely did was impose an all white jury upon Jesha Miller & take his freedom by an unconstitutionally impaneled jury. Here he violated the fundamentals of due process & neither the conviction of indictment can stand. However when Senator Vaneta Becker submitted the resolution she failed to submit actions to resolve the problem & error in offering the resolution that,

    Whereas, Current United States Code does not prescribe or guarantee any particular composition for grand or petit juries based on the defendant's race or color. This is to say in short that we are not entitled to a jury of our peer's. The resolution had to be revised & the reason Senator Vaneta Becker made the error was to aid Judge David Kiely in the crime he had committed. We must all be aware that all government employees have taken an oath to uphold the constitution & expose corruption wherever found. In this case she is trying to cover-up the crime. Now the proper resolution is to reverse the conviction which is void by the State defaulting on the right to due process under the 14th Amendment & pay Jesha Miller the 10 million Dollars for the illegal imprisonment. To affirm her assistance the resolution was revised due to her error but once revised her office cease to communicate or address the error. This being the case, Jesha Miller called the Secretary of the Senate & was given liberty to submit himself which he did by email & certified mail. This taken into account that he should have already had his name cleared & been paid the 10 million dollars for the illegal restraint. The revised resolution required Jesha Miller be paid on March 28, 2014.
       Now that it is being resent the date for reversal & payment of the 10 million dollars is April 23, 2014 & also petitioning he be there & speak before the Indiana General Assembly. These official documents have been blogged by Jesha Miller on so the evidence may be seen by the public.

 Respectfully Submitted- Jesha Miller
April 12, 2014

       Below is the revised resolution sent to Secretary of the Indiana Senate- Jennifer L. Mertz
Once revised to correct the error by Indiana Senator Vaneta Becker & submit how to resolve                  the issue of violating the 5th, 6th, 14th, & 13th amendment which abolished slavery by reversing the conviction & paying 10 million dollars on March 28, 2014. There has been no resolution now that the    State of Indiana has to pay for violating the Constitutions Amendments & illegal imprisonment.

       Below are the transcripts to justify reversal & payment of 10 million dollars. They also prove denial of the right to a fair trial by an unconstitutionally impaneled jury & the 14th Amendments due process.

      Below also is the Resolution submitted by Senator Vaneta Becker proving she erred in the resolution she submitted & how do you submit a resolution without stating how to resolve it. Who does that without an
ulterior motive?

      To continue the oppression the Resolution has never been addressed by the Indiana General Assembly & they have referred this to Senators Joe Donnelly, Senator Dan Coats, & Representative Larry Bucshon.

They have evaded they're duties to take the constitutions checks & balances to the floor of the House of Representatives or the Floor of the Senate to be recognized & addressed by government due to corruption, abuse of power, & denial of the right to freedom. They all took an oath to uphold the Constitution & not one has went public or took the checks & balances to be addressed by government. Is this how a Veteran is treated who served to protect America's right to freedom ???  

       All media need to publish this Breaking News to uphold our Constitutional Right to Freedom,      Justice, & Equality. Under the first Amendment I, Jesha Miller have the right at any time to bring  officials & government to the bar of public opinion. All major media are petitioned to publish this which   are, CNN, ABC, CBS, Indianapolis Star, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Fox News, & the Evansville Courier & Press. The one thing need be in a conspiracy is silence. Transparency is a must in government to stop corruption which is the reason for the 1st Amendment's freedom of speech.   Give me the microphone.

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